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  • [查看全文]Columbia MBA Essay Topics & Deadlines
    Options and DeadlinesOne MBA, Two PathsColumbia Business School provides students with the option of enrolling in either September or January. Students who enroll in September are presented with an internship option after their first year of studies. Students who do not want or need an internship may consider beginning their MBA studies in January and taking their second term during the summer. A January start may be ideal for students who wish to remain in the same industry after graduation or pursue entrepreneurial interests.The two paths, each comprised of four semesters, merge in the fall of the second year of studies to complete the program of electives. The paths are identical in terms of competitiveness of admissions, academic rigor and student resources.Early DecisionThe Early Decision option is ideal for candidates who have completed their rese...
  • [查看全文]R&D Engineer怎么写Essay?
    我是做电子研发的,工作来说比较单调。我知道essay在申请中非常重要,对TOP学校的申请几乎起了决定作用。可是我觉得我的工作本身似乎没什么可写的,无法反应出leadership什么的这类东西。虽然也曾被公司派去组织过一两个大型的活动,但那毕竟都不是工作主体,都是临时的。而我工作的本身来讲比较单调,不需要和太多的人打交道,也没有领导过什么(在我们这儿project leader都是40来岁的了,下面N多博士硕士其实都是做普通的工作)对于这种背景,怎么能突出自己呢?总不能说自己写了多少万行代码,设计了多少万门电路吧。。。感觉比较困惑,怎么才能在这种背景下脱颖而出呢?谁能给点启示?万分感谢!自己回复自己一下,发现了一篇好文章,不过还是希望大家能指点回答一下我上面的问题。An engineer's MBAMy foray into the industry began as a software engineer. Most MBA applicants have backgrounds in finance/banking/consulting. During my application process, I was confronted with many questions about my background- ranging from "Are engineer
  • [查看全文]对某MBA申请者的简历和ESSAY的评论
    前两天看了一个申请者的简历和两套essay,给了一些评论。里面有很多内容比较generic,个人觉得可能会对更多人有用,因此贴过来跟大家分享一下。未经申请者允许,因此没有附上其原文,评论中也去掉了其个人信息。Dear XYZ,Overall, good job. You've put a lot of efforts into it. Keep it up!Warning: Given the time limit, I'll be very straight forward and focus on how to improve the application package, rather than what you did right. I may sound a little harsh. :)--------------------------------Comments on the CV--------------------------------1) Describe "achievements" rather than "responsibilities". Right now it looks like a well-written yet rather plain job decription, not something that gets the adcom excited and makes them want to know more about the candidate.IMHO, a
  • [查看全文]Chicago Booth MBA 2010 Essay Topics & Deadlines
    Application DatesRoundSubmission DeadlineMid-DecisionDecision Notification DateRound OneOctober 14, 2009November 11, 2009December 22, 2009Round TwoJanuary 6, 2010February 17, 2010March 24, 2010Round ThreeMarch 10, 2010April 21, 2010May 12, 2010Essay Questions and Slide PresentationBelow are the Essay questions for the Fall 2010 application.The Fall 2010 Chicago Booth complete application will be availableon the Online Application System in mid-July 2009.Essays1. How did you choose your most recent job/internship and how did this experience influence your future goals? What about the Chicago Booth MBA makes you feel it is the next best step in your career at this time? (750-1000 words)1a.FOR REAPPLICANTS ONLY: Upon reflection, how has your thinking regarding your future, Chicago Booth, and/or getting an MBA changed since the time of your last application? (250 words)...
  • [查看全文]Yale SOM MBA 2010 Deadlines and Essay Questions
    Despite the common assumption that summers are quiet in academia, June came and went with a flurry of activity here in admissions. The month included lots of outreach and events, starting on the 1st with our first Consortium Orientation Program in Charlotte and ending just last Friday when SOM concluded its inaugural two-week Pre-MBA Leadership Program here on campus (the purpose of which is to expose college students and early professionals who are committed to diversity and inclusion to the possibilies of an MBA education). In between, there was the GMAC Annual Industry Conference, the Forte Foundation Annual Meeting, and meetings with Womensphere, StartingBloc, and a number of other partner organizations. It was a very busy month, and the Consortium OP and Pre-MBA Program in particular were notable as indicative of the importance of diversity here ...
  • [查看全文]Leadership品质举例,更新:写leadership经验总结
    我给同学改文章时,发现大家常常不知道如何升华自己的learning about leadership,写来写去就是坚韧、尊重别人等等……其实leadership的维度很广,层次很深。如下文所述,对leadership的反思,是文章中最关键的message,你所写的action应该充分反映这些message。 这些反思要深刻,要到点子上。所以我从一些关于leadership的论文中摘录一些"leadership"的品质。举一些例子,所谓一个好的leader,他/她应该是怎样的。建议大家也可以自己做research。例如,你认为confidence很重要,你的优秀品质之一是confident。你可以google一下英文的论文,confidence是什么、来源是什么,对自己和团队有什么影响,为什么一个confident的人更能成为好的leader,一个好的leader好何帮助别人建立confident。这样,如果你写essay时,讲了自己如何帮助别人建立confident的故事,就会成为一篇有深度的essay。但是,不要生搬硬套。文章的整体逻辑要真实流畅,就是你的反思让人一读,就觉得是可以从这件事情中得到的。我必须再一次强调,essay is the most critical part of your application, and the understanding of leadership is the critical of the
  • [查看全文]cornell的optional essay 是否一定要写,不写是否会有不好影响?
    hushuaiqi1126:cornell的optional essay 是否一定要写,不写是否会有不好影响?Complete this essay if you would like to add additional details regarding your candidacy. For instance, if you believe one or more aspects of your application (e.g., undergraduate record or test scores) do not accurately reflect your potential for success at the Johnson School. (400 word limit)Gogoon:我个人看法对于牛人,optional就是画蛇添足。megachaoren:个人经验:我去年就没有写。entry2011:不需要。JonFrank:Hey there! No, you absolutely don't need to write this essay. Only do it if you have something important that you haven't covered elsewhere. So for example, a low GMAT, a low TOEFL, work gaps, etc. Beyond that, you absolutely DON'T need to write this optional essay.
  • [查看全文]Wharton MBA分享如何写Leadership的一些经验总结
    我受邀在一个QQ群上,给一群今天申请的同学做了一些Q&A,包括我自己的成功与失败经验,其中举了一些自己Essay的实例。他们整理了聊天精华,贴在这里供大家参考。因为是聊天纪录,有点碎,没有时间进一步整理了,先给大家参考下。本人背景:复旦本、北大研,Top Consulting 5.5年,G760+5.5,T111,GPA3.6/4.0。申了H/W/S/Yale,拿了W/Yale。Q1.简单介绍下写Essay的准备过程:Essay是以HBS为蓝本写的。HBS要写5个故事 Wharton只写3个, 题目也接近, 所以我先写完了完整的HBS package, 再改写了Wharton。 去年Wharton共四篇, 1) CareerGoal, 2) 一个故事表现你如何understand and adapt to different perspectives, 3)failure, 4) 我选了写solve a complex problem。HBS 400字,还有600字要求你写3accomplishments, 等于200字一个故事, 而Wharton是一篇1000字, 两篇500字。以我的英文和思路, 到了最后, 我觉得也没有推敲到特别精道, 觉得Wharton因为字数较多,让我好好发挥了。Q2.请问你觉得前两所学校(h & S)没有拿到interview是什么原因呢? 你的各项条件都很优秀,你觉得是年龄因素